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Travel Guide to Vrindavan: From Chaos to Bliss

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Lord Krishan Idol in Banke Bihari temple
Banke Bihari

"Radhe Radhe, dear readers! In this article, I will provide you with a brief travel guide to Vrindavan." the adventure to Vrindavan kicked off with quite a bit of chaos. See, my bus was supposed to pick me up at 9 PM from Hisar, and I hail from Hansi. Now, Hansi's just a half-hour bus ride away from Hisar, so I thought, "No biggie, I'll catch the 7:30 AM bus, and I'll be good to go." But, it was as if every hurdle in the universe decided to unite and make my journey anything but smooth.

I climbed onto that bus with high hopes at 7:30 AM, ready for my pilgrimage to the tranquil city of Lord Krishna. Little did I know that the universe had other plans. At 9 PM, my bus was nowhere in sight. Instead of my expected ride, I was left waiting for the next one, scheduled for 11 PM. The frustration was real. (sari kaynat mujhe bs rokne mein lgi thi)

During this impromptu waiting period, fate had a surprise in store for me. I bumped into my cousin brother and sister-in-law. We struck a deal - my kurti in exchange for something of theirs. As a token of affection, I handed over prasad from Vaishno Devi that my mother had sent for them. It was one of those unexpected moments that make you feel like maybe there's some divine intervention at play.

Time crawled by, and patience was certainly tested. Finally, at 10:30 PM, the bus rolled in, signaling the start of my spiritual journey to the land of Krishna and Radha Rani. There was a certain charm to that night time ride, and I couldn't help but doze off for a while, cradled by the gentle hum of the bus.

Entry Gate of Vrindavan
Maro Vrindavan

When I awoke, it was in the holy realm of Vrindavan. Stepping off the bus, I was met with the warmest smile and a heartfelt "Radhe Radhe." A humble soul, full of devotion, had come to my aid. I asked him for a lift to Omaxe Eternity and paid the fare, but in the midst of a call with the hotel manager, I goofed up big time - I left one of my bags in the e-rickshaw. Completely slipped my mind.

As I made my way towards the hotel, I suddenly heard continuous honking behind me, and a voice shouting, "Oh madam ji! Bag reh gaya hai aapka!" It was the wake-up call I needed. So grateful for the stranger's honesty, I thanked him profusely and he responded with wisdom, "Dhyaan rakho beta! Radhe Radhe!" With that, he continued on his way.

Bag safely in tow, I finally checked into my hotel. After the long and tiring bus ride, I needed a moment's respite, so I ordered a comforting cup of tea. But work wasn't about to let me off easy just because I was in Vrindavan. I dealt with some office stuff before allowing myself a well-deserved nap, knowing that the temples here wouldn't come to life until after 4 PM.

Omaxe Eternity Vrindavan
Omaxe Eternity Vrindavan

After that much-needed rest, I got ready and set out for the adventures that awaited. First stop on my spiritual journey? The Banke Bihari Temple, a place that promised a spiritual experience beyond compare.

When the sun went down and the sky turned golden in Vrindavan, I started my journey to Banke Bihari Temple. The sunlight painted the streets with a warm, magical glow as I walked towards the temple. When I got there, I saw the temple bathed in soft, glowing light. It made the temple look even more beautiful, like something out of a fairy tale. Inside the temple, I saw lots of people gathered to worship. They were dressed in colorful, traditional clothes, and they stood quietly in front of the deity, showing their deep love and respect.

Banke Bihari Temple
Inside Banke Bihari Temple

One of the best parts of my visit was when they did the evening ceremony called aaarti and I witnessed the Mohini roop of Shree Krishan. As the moment to depart from the temple arrived, an overwhelming sense of gratitude washed over me, deeply appreciating the singular experience of my evening visit. With utmost reverence, I sought permission from the divine presence, solemnly vowing to return, and then proceeded on my way.

Following my departure from the temple, my rickshaw journey led me to the renowned ISKON Temple in Vrindavan. As I entered the temple premises, I found myself amidst a bustling crowd, yet I managed to patiently join the line. After a while, I finally reached the main edifice, and I was utterly mesmerized by the sight of the grand, white stone structure. Its architecture was a masterpiece of intricate craftsmanship, bearing testament to the remarkable skill of its human creators.

I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to witness the evening aarti at the ISKON Temple. The atmosphere was vibrant, with people dancing and humming devotional songs. I couldn't resist the urge to join in the dancing myself. After partaking in this joyous celebration, I sought the blessings of Lord Krishna and Radha ji. As I left the ISKON Temple, my feet instinctively carried me to Prem Mandir, another magnificent place of worship in Vrindavan.

Prem Mandir
Prem Mandir

Upon arriving at Prem Mandir, I found myself amidst a bustling crowd, and my heart began to race with anxiety as my fear of crowds, known as Enochlophobia, took hold. In concern for my own safety and well-being, I made the difficult decision not to proceed with my visit to the temple. Instead, I folded my hands in a gesture of reverence and whispered, "Radhe Radhe," offering my apologies to the divine and making a heartfelt promise to return in the future.

Prem Mandir
Prem Mandir

With a heavy heart, I retraced my steps and made my way back to my hotel, carrying with me the hope of experiencing the beauty of Prem Mandir on a calmer and more suitable occasion.

My journey to Vrindavan was a whirlwind of unexpected experiences, from delays to divine encounters. While I couldn't visit Prem Mandir due to personal reasons, I promise to share detailed insights about each enchanting place in Vrindavan in my upcoming blogs.

Stay tuned for more stories of spirituality, beauty, and adventure. Please follow and share my blog to join me on this incredible journey! 🙏 #VrindavanDiaries #SpiritualAdventure


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