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A spirited young Indian girl sets her sights on a tapestry of dreams, a kaleidoscope of goals stretching out before her like an endless horizon. With the ink still drying on my post-graduation degree from Punjab University in Chandigarh, I embrace the wanderlust rhythm that has always danced within my soul. For me, the journey itself ignites the fire within; the pulsating heartbeat propels me forward, not the mere destination that awaits. In this grand symphony of life, reaching one milestone only signifies the harmonious beginning of yet another musical odyssey. So, my fellow adventurers, won't you join me as we embark upon this splendid tapestry of discovery, weaving our dreams into reality, one step at a time? Together, let us paint the world with our footsteps, creating memories that will forever dance in the kaleidoscope of our souls.

Sence from beautiful chitkul
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