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Langza : Fossil village of Spiti valley

Hello travellers!! In this blog today, I am sharing my personal experience with you. Recently I got a chance to visit Langza. As my eyes lifted their veil upon the grandiose edifice that stood proudly, it was as if time itself bowed in reverence. Behold, the majestic dwelling of Lord Buddha, rising before me like an ethereal giant guarding the heavens.

Standing front of the majestic dwelling of Lord Buddha

In that very instant, a profound hush descended upon my soul as if the cosmos conspired to bathe me in the purest elixir of serenity. Like a cascading waterfall of ethereal divinity, the sight before me washed away the worldly cares that clung to my weary spirit. In the presence of such grace, I found solace and renewal. This is what Langza has to offer you!!!

Langza is located in Spiti Valley, and several remote villages will astound visitors and leave them speechless as they explore the wonders of nature. These towns are gifted with ancient monasteries and remnants of prehistoric existence. Langza is unquestionably one of them.

The statue of Lord Buddha that looks out over the valley and an old monastery really stands out in settlement of Langza, surrounded by verdant fields and snow-capped mountains. The settlement of Langza, located at a height of 4400 metres, is split into Langza Yongma (lower) and Langza Gongma (upper).

the majestic dwelling of Lord Buddha
The statue of Lord Buddha

The Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism is represented by this homogeneous Buddhist community. 33 households make up Langza's 137 resident populations. Mud crafts were once the village's principal source of income. The valley received vessels of all sizes and forms created here for domestic use. The community is embellished with an ancient Lang (Temple), which is thought to be over 1000 years old. However, this craft has declined through the ages, and the current basis is mostly agriculture. All of the Devtas (deities) of the Spiti Valley are said to have their headquarters in The Lang.

In such a harsh environment, life is not always thriving. The best time of year to mark and observe sheep is during the summer. At Langza, the winters are long and unpleasant. Only a few courageous souls face the harsh winters in Langza's mud huts, which they utilise to stay linked to society. The change of snow fields into verdant pastures as summer approaches is quite overwhelming, and Langza opens its doors to a select few lucky tourists.

my personal experience
At Langza

In addition to visiting the monastery and the village's mud homes, tourists can see a few high-altitude lakes and even attempt to summit nearby peaks. Each year, a large number of anthropologists and geologists are drawn to the marine animal fossils that have been discovered near the settlement of Langza. The settlement of Langza is exceptionally rich in fossils of marine animals and plants that were here millions of years ago. I enjoyed exploring it alone. It gave me a glimpse of the prehistoric era when Spiti was submerged in the Tethys Sea. Although I spent much time in Langza, I walked away with a scowling sense of missing something. Those scattered mud huts in the expanse of silent colours still haunt my nightmares and serve as my shrine!

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