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Greece Travel Guide

Updated: Jul 11

Santorini in Greece

Welcome, travelers! I am thrilled to have you back. In this article, I invite you to explore the captivating country of Greece. Now, you might be wondering, "Why Greece?" Well, it all began when a dear friend approached me with a special request to create a comprehensive Greece travel guide for this delightful destination. So here I am, armed with extensive research and a deep passion for wanderlust, ready to address every query and provide invaluable insights to assist you in planning your dream trip to Greece. From historical marvels to breathtaking landscapes, cultural treasures to culinary delights, I'll leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure you have the most unforgettable experience possible. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to dive into the wonders that await you in Greece!

Greece travel offers a captivating and calming experience. From the picturesque buildings of Oia in Santorini to the intricate maze of Chios, Greece holds delightful surprises at every corner. With its delectable cuisine, excellent dining establishments, pristine sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, and breathtaking sunsets, Greece stands out as a profoundly romantic destination.

Notably, Greece boasts a staggering number of islands, totaling over 6,000, with 227 of them inhabited. However, Greece's allure extends beyond its island life. The historic and vibrant capital city of Athens and the towering cliffs and monasteries of Meteora make the mainland equally enticing to its archipelago counterparts.

Notably, Greece boasts a staggering number of islands, totaling over 6,000, with 227 of them inhabited. However, Greece's allure extends beyond its island life. The historic and vibrant capital city of Athens and the towering cliffs and monasteries of Meteora make the mainland equally enticing to its archipelago counterparts.

Best time to visit this beautiful country:

beautiful street of Greece

  • In my opinion, April through May would be the best time to travel to Greece. You'll be able to experience the Greek Islands without the influx of summer visitors during this season, when the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.

  • Easter weekend is one event that is worth planning your trip around. It is a very popular time of year in the nation, thus due to the high demand, it is advised to book hotels several weeks in advance.

  • The best time to visit Greece is during the winter months if you're on a limited budget or like to avoid crowded locations. The major sights are less crowded during this season, and you won't have any trouble getting inexpensive flights and hotels.

Places to explore in Greece:


  • Greece offers a plethora of incredible destinations to explore. While preferences may vary, one of the best places to visit in Greece is Santorini. Known for its enchanting beauty, this iconic Greek island boasts whitewashed buildings, blue-domed churches, and breathtaking sunsets. It offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea and is famous for its volcanic beaches, including the unique Red Beach and the popular Kamari and Perissa beaches.


  • Another must-visit destination is Athens, the capital city of Greece. It is home to some of the world's most renowned ancient landmarks, such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Explore the historical Plaka neighborhood, visit the Acropolis Museum, and indulge in the vibrant atmosphere of this bustling city.


  • For history enthusiasts, a visit to Delphi is highly recommended. Delphi was once considered the center of the world in ancient times. Explore the archaeological site, including the Temple of Apollo, and immerse yourself in the rich history and mythology of this ancient sanctuary.


  • Crete, the largest Greek island, offers a diverse range of attractions. Visit the Palace of Knossos, the mythical birthplace of the Minotaur, and explore its fascinating ruins. Enjoy the stunning beaches, hike the Samaria Gorge, and experience the unique Cretan culture and cuisine.


  • If you're looking for a serene and picturesque destination, the island of Corfu is a fantastic choice. Known for its lush green landscapes, charming old town, and beautiful beaches, Corfu offers a blend of natural beauty and historical sites, including the Old Fortress and Achillion Palace.


  • Other notable destinations include Rhodes, with its medieval Old Town and ancient ruins, and Mykonos, famous for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and iconic windmills.

Ultimately, Greece has numerous incredible destinations to explore, each with its own charm and attractions. Consider your interests, whether it's history, beaches, nightlife, or natural beauty, and choose the destination that resonates with your preferences for an unforgettable experience in Greece.

What to eat

Mediterranean cuisine is renowned for being delicious and nutritious in Greece. You should try the following typical Greek dishes:


  • Moussaka: Greek delicacy known as moussaka is created with layers of potatoes or eggplant, ground meat (often lamb or beef), and a rich béchamel sauce. It is then heated up and cooked till golden.


  • Souvlaki: Small pieces of grilled meat, typically chicken or pork, are skewered on a stick and served as souvlaki. It frequently comes with pita bread, a side of Greek salad, and tzatziki sauce (a yogurt and cucumber sauce).


  • Gyros: Greeks love gyros, a common street meal. Slices of seasoned meat, like lamb, hog, or chicken, are wrapped in warm pita bread and served with tzatziki sauce, fresh veggies, and occasionally french fries.


  • Spanakopita: Spanakopita is a spinach, feta cheese, onion, and herb-filled pastry prepared from phyllo dough. Typically, it is roasted till crisp and golden.


  • Dolmades: Dolmades are stuffed grape leaves that are often made of a rice, herb, and minced beef mixture. Usually, they are offered as an appetizer or on a meze platter.


  • Taramasalata: Taramasalata is a creamy dip made with bread or potatoes, fish roe (often cod or carp), olive oil, and lemon juice. It is frequently eaten with veggies or pita bread.

Greek Salad

  • Greek Salad: A traditional Greek salad is made out of feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and olives. Olive oil and oregano are also typically added. It's a cool and healthful option.


  • Baklava: Baklava is a sweet pastry formed from layers of phyllo dough, nuts, honey, and spices. The nuts used are typically walnuts or pistachios. It is a sweet treat that is frequently enjoyed with a cup of Greek coffee. It is rich and decadent.


  • Loukoumades: Loukoumades are little cinnamon-dusted dough balls that are deep-fried and covered in honey syrup. They're frequently offered as dessert or a snack.

Greek yogurt:

  • Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt is renowned for being rich and creamy. For a tasty and healthful treat, eat it simply or with honey, almonds, or fresh fruit on top.

Important points to keep in mind while travelling to Greece:

  • Language: The official language spoken in Greece is Greek.

  • Currency: The currency used in Greece is the Euro.

  • Credit Cards and ATMs: ATMs are widely available throughout Greece. Major towns and cities have multiple ATMs, and even the inhabited islands have at least one machine. Most shops and hotels accept credit card payments, but there may be a few bars that do not have functioning credit card machines.

  • Plugs: In Greece, the electrical plugs are of Type C and F. The standard voltage is 230 V, with a frequency of 50Hz. It is recommended to purchase a universal adapter (preferably with surge protection) and use a converter for hairdryers and other hot tools.

  • Safety: While Greece has experienced periods of unrest, it is generally considered a safe destination for solo female travelers. If you plan on participating in activities like sailing or other adventurous pursuits, it is highly recommended to obtain travel insurance to ensure you are adequately covered in case of any unforeseen incidents.

  • *European Travel Alert*: Starting from approximately November 2023, US travelers aged between 18 and 70 will be required to complete an ETIAS visa-waiver form and pay a €7 ($7.25) entry fee prior to their trip if they intend to travel to European countries within the Schengen Area. The ETIAS form is a quick process, and approval is usually granted instantly, but it is important to plan ahead and submit the application in a timely manner. Your ETIAS travel authorization will remain valid for three years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

Thank you for joining me on this virtual journey through the vibrant and captivating country of Greece. I hope this travel blog has inspired you to embark on your own adventure and experience the magic of Greece firsthand. Whether you're wandering through the ruins of Athens, basking in the sun on the beaches of Crete, or savoring the flavors of a traditional Greek meal, Greece has something to offer everyone.

If you've enjoyed this travel blog and want to continue exploring the world with me, I invite you to follow my future travel blog. Stay updated on the latest travel tips, destination guides, and cultural insights by following my blog Roadsnevrends or connecting with me on social media [@roads_never_ends]. Let's keep the wanderlust alive!

Thank you for being a part of this journey, and remember, the world is waiting to be discovered. Safe travels, fellow explorers!

Yours in wanderlust,


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