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Updated: May 31, 2023


Chitkul is a picturesque hamlet located around 356 km from Chandigarh in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. From May to October is the ideal season to visit Chitkul. People who enjoy adventures should go there. When you first arrived in Chitkul, you were greeted by stunning valleys, apple orchids, amazing mountains, waterfalls, and grassland. The entire scene is scented with the aroma of heaven.

Chitkul is relatively simple to get to. Hire a cab from Reckong Peo, which is 60 miles away. Public transportation is also available. I prefer a car. I travelled from Chandigarh and made many stops to discover Himachal Pradesh more closely. I stayed in Shimla, Rampur, Tapri and Reckong Peo.

On the way to Chitkul, Sangla Valley came across. You are surprised to know that the total population of Sangla is only 25 people in 2011. It is a town in Baspa Valley. The best palaces to visit in Sangla Valley are Batseri, Kamra Fort, Bering Nag Temple, and Sangla Meadow.

After crossing Sangla—–I reached Chitkul……The last inhabited village near the Indo-china border. An altitude of 3450m. In Himachal Pradesh.

The best thing to do in Chitkul is to indulge in the pleasant view. You can also go on some popular treks, i.e Black Glacier. That makes it a famous tourist destination in India.

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