Nako: An unexplored gem.


ako, a small mystical village hide in the lush green environment of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the Indo-Tibetan border,3,625m above sea level in the Himalayan range of the Kinnaur district. It is the last spot for the tourist heading for Kaza. Nako is considered to be the very coolest palace because of the strong wind, I recommend you to wear warm cloth and keep hydrated as most people got easily sick due to high altitude. As Nako lies close to the Tibetan border, visitors need to have an inner line permit. This village is known as the "land of fairy Tales" as surrounded by greenery and rare species.


Nako is easily accessible by road. I travelled from Chandigarh to Rampur Bhushar and make a stop there and on next day I managed to reached nako. The distance between Chandigarh to nako is 410km. I will suggest you take a stop in between because nako is at a high altitude and our body needs to accumulate according to the environment. As many people experience altitude sickness so it's is better to take a stop.


Nako is a small village, there are not so many places to visit but the scenic view is amazing and mesmerising.

1. Nako Monastery.


Nako Monastery is very popular among tourist and  dates back to 11th century. It comprises of four large halls, the oldest one of which is known as "Dukhong". The walls of this hall is decorated with mandala art. Rooms and wall of the chambers are too panted with mandalas. Clay sculptures of the five Dhyani Buddhas can also be found there.
In Nako, you will experience a different positive energy which filled you with good vibe. 

2. Nako Lake.

I went out to explore the Nako Lake in the evening. It was pleasant walk with cold air while moon was  visible on the other side of the clean and unpolluted sky. Village corners are filled with heaps of stones and all the houses hoist the prayer flags. The lake is secluded reservoir which can charm anyone with natural beauty. lake is surrounded by tranquil environment. If you are  looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating session on their tour to Himachal then Nako is a must visit site. The natural scenery all around and the view of the eternal snow are picturesque and charming. Explore the strange, exciting lake of Himachal Pradesh, Nako lake.

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