Adobe of clouds- Meghalaya.


Meghalaya, meaning Abode of clouds, is easily the most accessible of the seven sister states in north east India. An unexplored gem Meghalaya is definitely an interesting place to visit. Meghalaya offers you an experience of the unspoilt natural beauty. Meghalaya will astonish you in number of inconceivable ways. From its absolute natural beauty in the form of countless waterfalls, calm lake, rivers to humble people and special their matrilineal culture. 

So, here roads never ends present you the best guide that might help to plan your trip to the Meghalaya.


How to reach Meghalaya?


By Train

If you are planning to travel to Meghalaya by train, the nearest railway station from Meghalaya is located in Guwahati (Assam). It lies at a distance of 180 km. Guwahati Junction is connected to New Delhi, Amritsar, Jammu and Kashmir and Bangalore. To reach Meghalaya from Guwahati you can opt for buses or can hire a cab.

By Air

Major airport from Meghalaya is located in Guwahati (Assam) at a distance of 159 km (Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport). The airport is well- connected to international cities of Tura and Bangkok along with Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Calcutta. Travelling to Meghalaya by flight is a unique experience in itself. There is no direct bus connection from Guwahati Airport to Meghalaya, but you can hire a cab to reach your destination.

By Road:

Meghalaya is well-connected to major cities through roads. The roads are mostly smooth and well-frequented with traffic. Many travellers find monsoon as the best month for travelling to Meghalaya for the love towards unlimited rain. However, it will be ideal if you could take precautions while driving in heavy monsoon season. Some of the roads get slowed down due to heavy rain.

Place to visit.


Shillong is a capital state of Meghalaya. And is popularly known as Scotland of east. It is a busy state and energetic city. The architecture of this city is mainly influence by British a lot. Police bazaar is the busiest point in shilling. Shilling has some fine café that also offer music with picturesque view.

Places to visit in shillong.

·       Elephant Falls

·       Lady Hydari Park

·       Air Force Museum

·       Umiam Lake

·       Police Bazar

·       Lewduh (Bara Bazar)

·       Don Bosco

·       Shillong View Point



Known as the wettest place on Earth, Cherrepunjee is located around 60 km away from Shillong. This place is mesmerising during monsoon. Surprisingly, waterfall chasing is one of the most popular activity here.

The main attraction of this place is Lovely Bridge, which is over 100 years old. This bridge is made up of roots and some of them hold 50 people on them. The local Khasi tribes use these bridges to cross rivers and streams.

Cherrepunjee is definitely a worth visiting place, as its sheer natural beauty to the Nohkalikal falls to Wah kaba falls, you are bound to have refresing time there.


The only place in India which takes swacch bahart abhiyan contemplatively is Mawlynnong. The cleanest village in not just India, but Asia. This place is 78 km away from Shillong and amazingly clean with each nook and corner having a bamboo dustbin to ensure cleanliness. The place is like emerald green and colourful with orchids growing around. There are number of root bridges in village and the main attraction of this place is balancing rock.

The Spotlight of this village is the Sky Watch-a bamboo structure that is quiet high and enables you to view Bangladesh plains from atop. You can also make a visit to Living Root Bridge here.

Places to visit in Mawlynnong.

·       Nohwet View Point.

·       Jingmaham Living Root Bridge

·       Balancing Rock in Mawlynnong

·       Bangladesh view Point.


Dawki, our next destination after Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, is a small village famous primarily because of how magical Umngot river looks here. Part of Jaintia Hills, Dawki is the last post on the road connecting to the neighbouring country, Bangladesh. The small city, besides being a trade hub is also famous for its tourism scene, with many people flocking to the town in order experience a boat ride in its famed Umngot River and enjoy the nearby sights and sounds. The city becomes a hotbed of tourist activities especially during the spring months as it hosts the boat riding competition on the Umngot River. The surrounding greenery, the cold water of the river and the beautiful suspension bridge on the River Umngot make Dawki a place worth a visit.

Places to visit in Dawki

·       Dawki River

·       Dawki Bridge

·       Dawki Boat Point

·       Tamabila 0 Points

·       Indo Bangla Border

·       Dawki Tamabil Border

Hope the above travel guide helps you plan a comfortable and memorable holiday in Meghalaya. For any more information or for any suggestions, you can always write to us through this blog. If you are still reading, I'd like to say thanks for coming to my blog and staying here until the end of this article. I appreciate if you find this blog post helpful, please share it, pin it or share it and follow me on Instagram.



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